New FAVOR resources online

The long summer break has been hard work for our FAVOR tutors as they have been finishing off their resources for the project.

  • Check out the online activities shared by Southampton tutors: Katy Heady for German and Bianca Belgiorno for Italian.
  • Admire the beautiful kanga fabrics and proverbs for Swahili shared by Wambui from SOAS
  • Learn from the examples of student feedback from Richard Galletly at Aston University
  • Get into learning Finnish from Riitta at UCL – I’ve already wiled away an enjoyable half hour on the loanwords quiz!
  • Admire these beautiful and fascinating pictures of a Chinese market in Beijing from Dan Li at Newcastle University – they make me want to fill my house with giant calligraphy brushes and statues!

There are over 300 new resources on LanguageBox and all of them give a fascinating taste of language study in Higher Education. Have a browse and see what grabs your interest…

Kate Borthwick

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