Big meeting in London

Hi everyone, just a quick note before I go off on my Easter hols, at last! While all of our FAVOR partners are busy beavering away uploading and hopefully by now beginning to create new content, Kate and myself have been out and about meeting people from other projects and having some very interesting conversations about the bigger OER questions, some of which were raised during our recent trip to Newcastle – how do we make resources more visible, how do we deal with quality, what is the long term sustainability of OERs and so on. At a recent meeting in London (26th March) we enjoyed the experience of a Knowledge Café in which we got together in small groups to brainstorm some of the challenges and issues for our projects (and OER) then created discussion groups to talk them through in more detail. Good fun and a great way to meet people and share similar experiences/worries. The only drawback is that with this process you may not get to focus on your particular issue as it can get lost in the crowd. It was also a shame that we didn’t get the chance to say how well we were doing and spent too much time being serious and a bit gloomy, we must remember that sharing can be very rewarding and quite enjoyable. I hope you will all agree, if not now but at least by the end of the project.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone after the holidays.


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