Technical talk

Just had a really good skype call with CETIS (John and Phil) about plans for the technical side of the project. They were interested to hear of two new features about to be installed on LanguageBox and HumBox:

  • a group function
  • a discussion forum

This will allow users to organise themselves into groups and to upload resources associated with these groups. This means we can have a FAVOR group and that tutors of certain languages can start their own interest groups on the site. The discussion forum will enable chat to go on around the resources on the site.

We asked John and Phil to give advice on how we can track our resources and associate metadata more closely with each individual resource. At the moment, the best way seems to be to encourage tutors/depositors to consider the issue when they create the resource or prepare it for upload – and include author/licence info. We will encourage our tutors to do this and build awareness of this into our checking processes once material is uploaded.

We intend to consider carefully how we can track usage of our resources. I have followed up a lot of HumBox users to collect case studies of usage of HB resources, and although this produces excellent data and some illuminating stories, it is time-consuming. We will seek and implement a range of tracking methods for this project and consider what technical solutions we might implement through our repositories. One thing we will follow up after this meeting is creating an embed code for the LanguageBox/HumBox preview screen.

Kate B


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